Steelfie is an initiative by sculptor Gerrit van Emous, based in Holland. Having 20 years of experience in sculpting with different materials, but mainly steel, he wanted to find a more personalized approach to his sculptures. The first Steelfie was born by using a picture of himself to create a self-portrait made solely out of steel, with the tools he had in his shed. He started perfecting his craft by creating similar portraits for his relatives and close friends. Using the unique features of each person’s face to emit a sense of familiarity presented in a minimal, yet complete portrait. A Steelfie is created with ultimate care and precision, offering you a hand-made product of high quality that can last forever.

Steelfie portraits
Plain Steelfie steel wall art
Plain Steelfie®

This Steelfie is directly derived
from the submitted photo,
incorporating basic facial features
and characteristics

Steelfie handmade steel portraits
Steelfie® with background

The Steelfie wil be mounted on a
special background, like old galvanized plate,
old scaffolding wood or any other material.
This complete unit is provided
with a suspension feature.

Special Steelfie steel portrait
Special Steelfie®

Both the Steelfie and the background are
different. For example, use of other materials
like copper (for hair). The Steelfie can be a family
portrait with more silhouettes on the same background.
Basically, anything is possible on demand!

Steelfie® order form

After filling in the form, you will receive a quotation and information about shipping within 2-3 workdays. Approval of the quotation is needed before creating the Steelfie®, after that the Steelfie will be finished within a time period of 2 weeks. You will be sent a photo of the portrait and after approval the Steelfie® is shipped to your home.

Check one of the boxes to pick a Steelfie. The steelfies are listed here.

Upload a photo of the desired person from the side, preferably a picture of high quality with good lighting.

The last step is to fill in any wishes you have for Gerrit to apply to the Steelfie® (tattoos, jewelry, copper hair or a specific material), this of course is optional. Fill in the remaining fields and the form is ready to be sent. A quotation will appear in your mailbox after 2-3 workdays.

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