Gerrit van Emous

Gerrit was born in a little village in the centre of Holland, around 60 kilometers from the capital Amsterdam. He was raised on a little farm together with his five brothers and sisters. During his childhood he worked a lot on the farm but also had an interest in drawing, especially drawings of the farm he lived in. Art was still a hidden desire on his mind, although at later age he did develop an interest for sculptures which, at the time, he could not admit to nor execute it due to various responsibilities such as working or studying.

After finishing Technical Highschool in Mechanical Engineering in 1982, he started in the special development of machinery and automation. This field of work was always very risky. The last 20 years he experienced 5 bankruptcies, every time a very tough period for him and his family. In 1987, he finally found the time to go to a free sculpture academy, which he attended for 5 years, once a week. This left him with some fine techniques to work with, like modelling wax, clay and wood. But, most important of all, a process of thinking and internal brainstorming before coming to a creation. This is also his drive to creating sculptures.

During this period art started to play a big role in the life of Gerrit. But because of circumstances (renovations to his farm, a busy job and the birth of three of his sons) he barely had time to create sculptures. But whenever he did have time, he found it very destressing.

In 2017 he lost his job. “Disillusioned to the bone.“ Once more at home. Once more no job, and again a lot of tension in the family. He was concerned about his boys at university: how would he be able to pay for this in the future? Instead of hiding in a corner, after some days he started creating sculptures again.

Despite the unemployment his artistic drive kept on growing. Art helped him to relax but also gave him time to come up with new ideas. One of those ideas was to create the Steelfie®. Gerrit got several art assignments this year and was invited to multiple exhibitions.

Now he is invited to events like vernissages, to make the Steelfies on site.

Gerrit’s other scupltures can be found on

Biography of Steelfie® artist Gerrit van Emous at work

Disillusioned to the bone